Thursday, August 9, 2012

Good morning everyone. Hope you are doing well Today. By now you all know face book blocked our links yesterday. You will be glad to know we should be back up and running soon. Thanks  to all of you and the response from yesterdays post.

“How a Facebook slap will DOUBLE my income…” http://archive.aweber.com/mlmtransformed/AD.8Y/h/How_a_Facebook_slap_will.htm

See, here's what I learned back in December of last year, when we had our first ‘major hurdle’ in Empower Network…

…the ‘MAJOR issues’ are always the things that make us the most money :)

Because now, we have a plan to do internally, what Facebook was doing for us – AND I promise you:

It may not be today, or tomorrow – but hear my words:

Facebook won't slap us forever.

And even without them – we will double, triple, and quadruple our growth.

Because we don't need a bunch of wussies, controlled by a board of directors, at the whims of a stock declining by 50% in a few months dictating what we can, and can't do.

And we have a plan.

It starts here:

WATCH your email. For the next few days, as we're putting some things together, we're going to be sending out daily marketing assignments via email, and also Dave and I will be posting them on our personal Facebook walls. You can subscribe to our status updates here:

Email: Skywerd@gmail.com 

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