Saturday, October 27, 2012

Needs to Be Seen To Be Believed!"Forex Observatory" Is Live


 Good Day To You I Just received a notice and needed to get this to you ASAP! The Forex Striker development team has granted access to the FX Striker beta tester Observatory .. they put up the biggest Forex robot beta test in history because nowadays proof of income is not enough.. after all, one guy can get lucky... but can 50.. 100? To crush all possible doubts about the income power of Forex Striker, it is put on display here with over 350 (!!) live accounts! Watch the video here; Over 6000 people applied, 500 were taken, 350 went live with the bot with astounding results. I was a little sceptical, after all a patent is just unique tehcnology (who says it has to be good?) but the performance speaks VOLUMES.. So its turning out to be awesome AND unique. Get Your Copy Here: No clue how long this link stays up, so head over quickly and research for yourself.. nice to see 450,000 in generated profits from small-scale accounts..

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