Monday, October 29, 2012

World`s Best Forex Robot? 24 Hours Countdown On Forex Striker..


Dear reader,

I know, I know.. claims like that have been made since the Neanderthal times when the hunters told tales of who killed the biggest mammoth..

Fairy tales, you might think.. but I know the developers and Forex Striker truly has been in the works for 7 years..

The goal was to make a Forex robot that not only stood the test of time and could deliver profits over a lifetime.. but also do so in a safe and guess-free work..

this is no "double it up or loose it all" robot!

Since they went commercial with the first Forex robot of all time (Forex AutoPilot it was called) that was a commercial success, the guys went a long long way..

So when they say from the heart this is the (and I quote):

"best forex robot we ever programmed.."

I just believe them.. it`s no more a quesiton of prove it with statements or live accounts..they did that already to a great extent, and I've seen it all from the marketing angle but ultimately the product itself is what counts.

I've seen outrageous claims with good products and bad products.. and I just KNOW that this development team from different countries.. they have the skills to pull something like this off!

So if you have not yet signed up for a free copy.. just go to

Check the recap and sign up..

Won`t hurt in ANY case, right?

Take care and talk soon

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