Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Here’s something you might like to know… Being productive everyday requires self-discipline. It’s something that is continuously practiced every minute of every hour of every day. You do not just suddenly wake up one day from a life time of slacking off and start working like a millionaire tycoon making important deals the very next day. Things happen gradually through consistency and self discipline is something that you’ll need to work on every day for the rest of your life. So here’s a few things to wake you up and keep you in a higher state of being… 1. Think about your mortality (death). I know this might seem quite morbid but it really is a wake up call. If you only had 5 years left to live due to a terminal illness, would you waste it watching TV?… Would you waste it arguing with people about things that don’t really matter?… Would you waste it trying to please a boss doing doing jobs that you couldn’t really care less about?… Would you waste it trying to tell people why life didn’t work for you and why it’s let you down?… Personally if I had only 5 years to live, I’d spend the first 2-3 years trying to build my online business, re-invest the money, and then use it to spend loads of meaningful time with the people that really matter to me. 2. Talk to yourself (in your head) every day. If you’re not actively talking to yourself you’re letting other forces and circumstances govern and control your life. Every waking moment you spend doing something ask yourself if what you’re doing is helping you in the bigger sense. Ask yourself if what you’re doing now is something that someone else wants you to do, or something that you habitually do simply because you’re done it repeatedly so many times in the past. When you can catch yourself in the act, then you know there’s room for change. 3. Smile from the inside out. If you can be happy right now knowing that what you’re doing and the way you’ve planned your life out is going to help you life a more meaningful life on your own terms then keep on smiling and keep on doing what you need to do. In time you’ll be able to brush off and negativity from the outside world and stay completely focused on your world knowing that you have full control and responsibility on your outcome. Remember self discipline is something that you need to continuously work at every day. It’s not a case of ‘one day I’ll be like this…’ because that day will never come. You can start it from today onwards – even then you can practice achieving one small thing every day to help you build up momentum. If you want to make use of some useful tools to help you become more productive every day then please refer to my other blog post 7 Ways To Become Aware Of What You’re Doing With Your Time.

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